Ticket Purchase

For the time being we will sporadically have to do ticket reservations when we are open. WE WILL ONLY SELL 60 TOTAL TICKETS PER DAY WE ARE OPEN UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. The first 60 who sign up will get tickets, I will turn this off once we sell 60 and refund any excess tickets. Cost is $10 for this soft opening. Most of the arcade is ready to go. All kids under 12 years old MUST have adult supervision.

Come help up stress test the set up so we can open fully soon!

Hours for 10/22/21 3:30 pm to 9:30 pm

Clubhouse Arcade Ticket-10/22/21

Ticket for 10/22/21 clubhouse arcade. Everyone in your party must have a ticket to enter. Under 12 years old, must have


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